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Privacy Act Notification Statement for NIH Staff Only

Collection of this information is authorized under 5 CFR 930.301. The primary use of the HHS ID number you provide to enter the training system is to allow the tracking system to record trainings (and associated agreements) you take to be eligible to receive and maintain an Active Directory (network) account, and/or be granted other authorized access such as privileged and remote access. If you do not provide your HHS ID number, NIH will not have the supporting training documentation to authorize your access to the NIH network. Privacy Act System of Records Notices that cover this information collection include OPM/GOVT-1; General Personnel Records (, and #09-25-0108 Personnel: Guest Researchers, Special Volunteers, and Scientists Emeriti ( To view annual course offerings without authentication please use the public portal. Courses on the public portal do not count towards a users annual training requirements.